Shelley Workinger delivers another great novel with Sound, the finale (?) of the Solid series.


The story starts with Clio dealing with the fall-out of the events from Settling, and then jumps into the new event to deal with.

The pace of the novel is fast—something we’ve come to expect and enjoy with these books.  Turn to the first page and buckle up for the ride.  If you’ve read the previous two stories, you’ll feel like you’ve been dropped right back in the camp and haven’t missed a beat.

I won’t spoil any part of the plot, but will say that the climax sneaks up on you.  You’re waiting for it and then BAM!  And through dealing with the crisis du jour, Clio and her friends resolve their issues, tie up the past and look to the future.

If I have only one criticism, it’s that I think we could have learned a lot more about Clio and her circle of friends.  Of course, that would require 2-3 more books.

Although this is the conclusion to the Solid trilogy, I hope that Shelley will consider starting a new trilogy to take readers on a continuing ride through the next stage of Clio and her friends’ lives.

On my ‘scientific’ rating scale of 0-100 degrees Celsius, with 100 degrees being boiling (red-hot awesome), Solid reaches 95 degrees C.  A great read!