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Review of Sound, by Shelley Workinger


Shelley Workinger delivers another great novel with Sound, the finale (?) of the Solid series.


The story starts with Clio dealing with the fall-out of the events from Settling, and then jumps into the new event to deal with.

The pace of the novel is fast—something we’ve come to expect and enjoy with these books.  Turn to the first page and buckle up for the ride.  If you’ve read the previous two stories, you’ll feel like you’ve been dropped right back in the camp and haven’t missed a beat.

I won’t spoil any part of the plot, but will say that the climax sneaks up on you.  You’re waiting for it and then BAM!  And through dealing with the crisis du jour, Clio and her friends resolve their issues, tie up the past and look to the future.

If I have only one criticism, it’s that I think we could have learned a lot more about Clio and her circle of friends.  Of course, that would require 2-3 more books.

Although this is the conclusion to the Solid trilogy, I hope that Shelley will consider starting a new trilogy to take readers on a continuing ride through the next stage of Clio and her friends’ lives.

On my ‘scientific’ rating scale of 0-100 degrees Celsius, with 100 degrees being boiling (red-hot awesome), Solid reaches 95 degrees C.  A great read!


Review of Settling by Shelley Workinger


Okay… so maybe I’m slowly becoming a book blogger after all.  Since I enjoyed the first book in Shelley Workinger’s Solid series (i.e. Solid), I had to review the second book; Settling.

Settling was a slower read than the first in the series, which was really good and which I totally enjoyed.  It gave me more time to get to know the characters, especially Clio.  Shelley shows us what’s going on inside Clio’s head and how she thinks.  It gives perspective as to how she acts and interacts with her circle of friends.  And, although romance is not my genre of choice, I did enjoy the amount that was included in Settling.  The slower first half of the book perfectly set up the exciting last half of the book.

As with Solid, once the action kicked in, I couldn’t put the book down.  The events (I’m not going spoil it) unfolded naturally… Clio was not simply plopped conveniently into situations to save the day.  The flow of the story line was believable and the happenings were realistic.

Which brings us to the ending…  No, Clio did not ride off into the sunset, smiling and waving to all.  And if she had, it would have been a terrible ending.  I can’t say much without giving it away, but I will say that I REALLY liked how it ended.

And dang it!  Now I gotta read the next in the series, Sound, because you can’t just leave the series hanging where it did in Settling.  It’s not fair!  I’ll be waiting for Sound to be published and I’ll be one of the first in line to buy it.

On my geeky rating scale of 0-100 degrees Celsius, 100 degrees being boiling (red-hot awesome), Settling started out cool, but heated up at the end.  As I read, I wasn’t sure it would make it close to boiling, but it did.

Settling is 97 degrees C


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