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Jeremy has great web solutions for authors.  He got several of us SCWC attendees hooked up with personal web sites.  He made it easy!

Less than a week later, my site is up and running!

If you’re an author and looking for solutions, check his business out at: and his blog at:

Michele Scott and Mike Sirota


Advanced Read and Critique sessions with Michele and Mike was very helpful.

Critique can be painful, but at SCWC the critique is always valuable.  You cannot replace honest feedback!

Visit them at: and

Linton Robinson


Lin Robinson hosted a lunch session regarding self publishing and e-publishing.  He had a fresh perspective on the subject and gave me several online sources.  He inspired me to self publish.

He also sat on the panel discussing the same subjects.

Thanks Lin!

Visit Lin at:

Drusilla Campbell


Drusilla taught Novel Cram at SCWC.  A truly valuable course for new and exisitng writers!  I learned a lot!

If you get a chance to sign up for this course in LA or Palm Springs, please do it!

Visit Drusilla at:

Laura Taylor


New Writer’s Primer course was a great introduction to writing!  She was very helpful and understanding!

And thanks for the ad hoc Read and Critique!

Visit Laura at:

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