I want to thank Eliabeth Hawthorne and Ermisenda Alvarez for asking me to review their Blind Sight novels (Through the Eyes of Aniela Dawson & Leocardo Reyes) that are to be released March 1st.

Blind Sight is a unique and very engaging pair of books.  (Yes, pair.)  It’s the same story told from the perspective of two different characters who start on seprate paths that later start interacting and finally come together as one at the climax.

Each book could stand on it’s own as a good novel and be read independent of the other.  The protagonists each follow their own arcs through their story–Aniela’s shown from her perspective, Leocardo’s shown from his.  But the two books read together as one are much more meaningful than the individuals.  The combination of the two gives the plot multiple dimensions that make it that much more captivating and enjoyable.  Imagine a movie shot from two different camera angles (two different characters’ points of view) and you get to watch both versions.  That’s Blind Sight.

You, the reader, see the arrival of Leocardo and his sister, Odette, on the island of Edaion and watch them try to adjust to their new world.  Meanwhile, you see Aniela adjust to her young adult life as a member of one of the most established families on the island.  And as their paths start crossing, with Odette and her gift as the common element, you watch Ana and Leo discover each other’s past while coping with the present situation.  And they’re mutual desire to help Odette ultimately brings them together as love interests.  (No spoilers–you’ll have to read to see how it turns out.)

I definitely recommend Blind Sight.  Put both of these novels on your to-read lists!  The hardest decison you’ll have to make regarding Blind Sight is which one to start with.