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Visit my guest blog – Part 2


Thanks to Shelley Workinger for giving me another opportunity to guest post on her But What Are They Eating blog!


I was originally scheduled to post this week, but I posted earlier (see the previous post) as a fill-in.  So Shelley left me on the schedule and gave me another guest post.

This post will tell the story of the importance of the meals to the group of clones in Sue’s Fingerprint and in the soon-to-be-released sequel, Sue’s Vision.

Stay tuned!

Visit my guest blog


But what are they eating?


I’ve posted my first guest blog!  (I’m such a newb)  I was asked by Shelley Workinger, author of Solid and Settling,to guest post on her blog But What Are They Eating.  It’s a blog dedicated to food in fiction.

I jumped at the opportunity to post!  It’s a perfect forum to tell readers how food played an important role in the personal discovery of the clones in Sue’s Fingerprint.  When writing my story of the clones’ arrival on Earth with no memories or knowledge or clothes, I thought about what challenges they would have learning about, and adapting to life.  What wouldn’t they know?  They wouldn’t know complex things that teens or adults would know, but they also wouldn’t know what any child would know; how to read, how to write, what to wear, and what foods they like and don’t like.  So I wrote a lot about the clones’ discovery of these things, including food and cooking.  I gave the reader a view to their discovery of pizza, PB&J, popcorn, butter, pancakes and coffee.  Readers of Sue’s Fingerprint will also see the start of Sue’s career as a chef and Martha’s career as a barista

Please go to the blog to read my post for the details.  I hope you enjoy my take on food in fiction. 😀


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