Sue’s Vision


Sue and the clones embark on another adventure in this sequel, Sue’s Vision: a fast-paced, entertaining, light sci-fi story for readers of all ages.

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Sue and the other clones have settled into their lives after being released from the military base in California and relocating to new homes.  They make new friends, stand out in their new jobs, and even start new families.

DHS Director Ted Stevens continues to report to the special committee and ensures the clones do not disrupt society.  He travels around the country, monitoring how they adjust.  And he continues to enlist his scientist friends at Manhattan Laboratory Services to predict the behavior of the new people.

When the clones meet for a reunion in the summer, they discover they can read and write a new language; the language of the extinct alien race who sent the “goo” from which they were cloned.  They use their new ability to bring about change by writing letters to the Secretary of the Interior suggesting a new campaign to clean up the planet so Earth does not also become extinct.  The letters are written in the alien language to capture the attention of the Secretary.  They also get the attention of the FBI and the Committee.

Ted must again step in and control the situation before it spirals out of control.  He makes a bold decision.  He sends instructions to the clones and their friends–all those associated with writing the letters–informing them they will be picked up and escorted back to California.  They’re shocked at what happens when they arrive.


Cast of Characters


Suzanne “Sue” Cook (clone) – cook, Smokey Hill Café

Violet (clone) – 7 y/o

Kati (clone) – 6 y/o

David Hudson – retired

Zachary (clone) – 12 y/o

Tyler (clone) – 8 y/o

Susan Robert – archivist, DDE Presidential Library

Karen – 7 y/o

Petunia Clark – retired

Washington, D.C.

Ted Stevens – Director, DHS

Burbank, CA

Donald Jackson (clone) – admin, DHS

Denise Jackson – analyst, DHS

Brandy (clone) – 13 y/o

Juliana Huffington – analyst, DHS

Tempe, AZ

Martha Ross (clone) – barista, Cupz

Patsy Sharp (clone) – student

Richard Dvorak – student, Arizona State University

Spring Green, WI

Larry Stone (clone) – farmhand

Janet Jones (clone) – shop worker, Arena Cheese, Inc

Mary MacDonald – retired

Manhattan, KS

Jim Bailey, Ph.D. – Director, Manhattan Laboratory Service

Sarah Deming – analyst, MLS

Cindy Gordon – analyst, MLS

Bruno Jones, Ph.D. – analyst, MLS


  • Tammy (7 years)

    Sounds great and I can’t wait to catch up with Sue!

  • Gloria Antypowich (7 years)

    I would be happy too. I`m a little behind schedule right now, but by Feb or March I`ll make time for you!

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