Sue’s Fingerprint


Sue’s Fingerprint is a light sci-fi novel of an alien substance and the humans cloned from it.  Follow the story of Sue and the other clones and their determination to discover themselves and the world around them.

Sue’s Fingerprint is a fast-paced book written for both young and older adults.  It will appeal to all ages.  It is entertaining and even a little educational.  (There’s some good science in here!)  You can read the reviews at and  For example:


“This science fiction work is a fantastic story of relationships, trust, and our most universal desire for freedom. It’s a story to share with your whole family”   – Tom Clementson (Kindle Book Review)


A gel-like substance mysteriously appears across the country.  No one notices it at first.  But then strange things begin to happen.  DHS Director Ted Stevens is assigned to investigate.  He enlists the help of scientists at a government laboratory to analyze the “goo”.  They discover the substance has unique properties; it can clone animals.  Ted soon learns the substance can also clone humans.

Sue is the first new person cloned from the alien goo.  She appeared without any knowledge or memory.  She looks like an adult, but has the mind of a child.  She does, however, learn very quickly.

When she is escorted away by Mr. Stevens, Sue learns that she is not the only new person to arrive on the planet.  Ted isolates Sue, along with five other new adults and five new children, on an abandoned military base in California while he determines how to respond to new people appearing in society.

While confined in their new community, the clones discover a message within themselves, hidden in the goo from which they appeared.  Sue decides she must deliver the message, and one morning she’s gone.  A clone has escaped.

While retrieving Sue, Ted learns about the clones’ message and needs to know more about these new people.   He has the scientists test the clones before deciding what to do with them.  Their fate will be decided by their DNA fingerprints.


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