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Coming Soon – Sue #3


Sue’s Voice is coming soon!


The third and final book of the Sue trilogy will be released before the end of the year.

Follow the adventures of Sue and the clones as they welcome a new clone, Suzanne Theodora Jackson, the newborn daughter of Donald and Denise.  When they all visit California to meet the baby, everyone is amazed at how advanced this new generation of clones is.  In fact, she’s so amazing that Ted Stevens wants to test her DNA.

When Brandy posts a video of her new sister online, a clone from the Netherlands sees the video and makes contact.  And this is not the only clone outside of the U.S.  Brandy learns there are as many as 14 other clones around the world in addition to herself and her friends and family.  She tells Sue about the others, and the two decide to email the other clones to find out as much as they can.

Ted learns about the emails exchanged between his clones and the others.  Fearing the DHS Committee will discover the messages and consider it a global alien attack, Ted tries to stop Brandy and Sue.  He orders them to stop communicating with the other clones.

Despite Ted’s best efforts, the Committee locates the additional “aliens” on the planet.  And they uncover the DNA testing Ted requested; DNA testing that can identify a clone.  They take matters into their own hands.

Ted quickly finds himself a prisoner along with all of the clones and those that know them, including the others from around the world.  But he fights back.  He has a plan and needs Sue to help him.  The clones also fight back.  And they have weapons to use.

Re-release of Sue’s Fingerprint


Sue and the GOO are improved!


Before starting to write the third book in the Sue series, I have edited and re-released Sue’s Fingerprint. I’ve fixed typos, corrected punctuation, and added a few bits here and there to improve the story.  It’s now a better book.

I would love to receive reviews of the re-released book.

To entice you to read and review the book, I’m giving away FREE copies of Sue’s Fingerprint.  The only thing I ask is that you add your rating and review to either or (or both).

Please go to the CONTACT ME tab above and send me an email requesting your free copy.  I can electronically send you a PDF or AZW3 (Kindle) file, or I can send you a paperback copy if you give me your snail mail address.

Thank you for helping me spread the word of (the improved) Sue and the GOO!


Trailer for Sue’s Fingerprint


The Do the GOO Giveaway


In 2013, my goal is to receive 100 additional reviews for both books in my sci-fi series, the Sue series.

To meet this review challenge, I’m giving away 100 free kindle (.MOBI) versions of Sue’s Fingerprint and Sue’s Vision.  To win one copy of each book, all you have to do is click on the CONTACT ME tab above to send me an email message requesting kindle (.MOBI) copies of the books.  Type “2013 Sue Review Challenge” in the subject field.  And please tell me more about your interest in the books. I’d like to know what caught your attention.

Sue’s Fingerprint:

A sticky, gel-like substance arrives on Earth and DHS quickly receives reports of more animals appearing in parks and zoos all over the country.  And then come the reports of new people appearing.  Sue is the first of the “aliens” cloned from the goo.  Others are soon identified by DHS.  The cloned humans are “contained” on an abandoned military base by agent Ted Stevens, while he and the special committee decide what to do.  But they’re not contained long.  Sue escapes and returns to her “family” to deliver the clones’ alien message and Ted has to bring her back.  What will he do with her and the other clones?

Sue’s Vision:

The clones have been released and soon discover they have new skills.  They can read and write the language of the extinct alien species.  They put their new skills to use; to deliver another message for the people of Earth.  Unfortunately, their plans are discovered by the FBI.  Ted Stevens is, again, called in to “deal with these aliens.”  Ted enlists the help of a few friends in the government to help.  Find out what mess the clones make this time!

To learn more, click on the SUE’S FINGERPRINT and SUE’S VISION tabs above.

Of course, this giveaway is about getting reviews, so there is another thing for you to do: please provide a review of the two books on and/or

If you want to help me spread the word about this giveaway, I’d be happy if you tweeted the following: Do the GOO! FREE e-copies of SUE’S FINGERPRINT & SUE’S VISION by @andrewdcarlson #kindle #scifi #yalit

I hope you enjoy Sue!  Do the GOO!


An advertisement for the Sue series


Floating ideas for an ad to be placed in a local sports yearbook…



Congratulations to the winners of Sue’s Vision


Congratulations to the winners of a copy of Sue’s Vision!  You will receive your book in the mail this week!

To those of you who entered to win but did not, please consider purchasing a copy (kindle format is only $2.99) and providing a review.  Authors live and (hopefully not) die by readers’ reviews.  I’d love to know what you think!

Thank You!

Giveaway of Sue’s Vision


Would you like the chance to win a FREE copy of Sue’s Vision?


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If you don’t win a copy, I’d still appeciate it if you’d add it to your bookshelf and read it.  Indie authors live by your reviews!

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