About Me

I’m a scientist and I write fiction

I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry from St. Olaf College. I have worked in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry for over twenty-five years.  I’ve authored two peer-reviewed journal articles and hold several patents.  I’m now in my second career as an author of fiction for young adults and old adults (and everyone in-between).

My books are all based on science, sometimes loosely, other times solidly.  Besides entertaining readers, I strive to teach some science as well, if only a little bit.


I am also a cancer survivor

I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) when I was 3 years old.  I endured four years of chemotherapy and radiation treatment at a time when the survival rate was very low.  I have been in remission for over forty years since my diagnosis.


My first book is Sue’s Fingerprint

Sue’s Fingerprint is a light science fiction novel.  It’s the story of humans cloned from alien goo that arrived here on Earth, the scientists trying to analyze the strange substance, and the government agent trying to contain the ‘aliens’.

Read the synopsis.

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You can also read the sequel: Sue’s Vision

Follow the continuing story of Sue and the clones as they live their new lives of freedom.  What will the clones learn?  What will they do with their new talents?  How will Ted respond?  How will the government respond?  Read the synopsis.

Visit the Where to Buy page to buy Sue’s Vision.


Sue’s Voice, the third Sue book in the trilogy, is now available!

Sue and the clones realize they are not alone.  They find more clones around the world.  The special DHS committee intercepts their communication.  It’s an alien invasion!  The clones and their friends are imprisoned, awaiting trial.  But Ted has a plan and needs Sue’s help.  The clones also have weapons.  Read the synopsis.

Visit the Where to Buy page to buy Sue’s Vision.


And… I have a semi-autobiographical work in progress.

The new novel, tentatively titled Alone, tells the story of a young man struggling to cope with his parent’s death, relocating to the home of his resentful guardian, and facing his own potential death when he is diagnosed with leukemia.


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