Please read Zac and Mia.


I recently posted about good and not good cancer books.  For me, a good cancer story is one that inspires, where the patient fights to win, and hopefully does win.  On my list of must-read books are Radiate, Touched by Cancer, and The Fault in Our Stars.  I am now adding Zac and Mia to that list of must-read books.  You can read my full review here on

What I like best about the book is that the two, Zac and Mia, fight their cancers and treatments.  They get busy living.  And they are there for each other.  The two are not always bubbly and happy. Each has dark times of despair when they want to shut out everyone and everything, and there are times when they resent knowing the other person.  But at the bottom, when Mia needs inspiration from someone who doesn’t pity her for her leg, Zac refuses to let her run and offers her a place to stay.  And when Zac refuses another round of treatment, Mia pushes him, convincing him to continue.

The story is realistic; the author, although not a cancer patient, definitely knows her subjects.  She is a teacher on an adolescent cancer ward.  The details of the care and treatment were believable, not glossed over for lack of understanding.  And most importantly, I got to see and feel the emotions of Zac and Mia throughout their journeys while apart and together.

I highly recommend you read Zac and Mia.