Why do I include science in my Sue books?  Well, I’ll tell you…


First and foremost, the Sue books are Earth-based, light sci-fi stories.  An alien substance appears on Earth, sometimes in little spherical pods, or just splattered on the ground.  What does it do?  When a mammal touches the “goo”, an exact copy appears: a clone.  And the goo clones humans, also.  These humans have no memory or knowledge (or clothes) when they arrive, but they learn quickly.  And they have messages to deliver, messages they received when they were cloned by the goo.  Of course, these “aliens” are contained by DHS to prevent exposure to the general public.  But their overwhelming desire to deliver their message leads to trouble.

So, how does science enter?  As you can read about me above, you’ll learn that I am a biochemist. When I started writing the first Sue story, Sue’s Fingerprint, I couldn’t simply have a substance with supernatural properties arrive without explaining what it was made of and how it works (as much as my tale of fiction would allow).  So, using my formal training, I introduced the employees of a government contract laboratory to analyze and characterize the goo.  They determined the substance was comprised of lipid bi-layers and membrane-bound proteins.  They also found very complex DNA.  Why did I go to the trouble?  The scientist in me couldn’t give exclusive license to the author in me.  I had to include a scientific explanation.  And I explained the science in such a way that it is easy to understand, but not so complex that I put readers to sleep.  I achieved my goal of educating my readers just a bit while entertaining them a lot.

The science doesn’t stop with the “goo”.  In future posts, I’ll share the science behind the act of cloning, the DNA testing, and the astronomy behind the extinct alien species who sent the substance to Earth.  “Alien species?” you ask.  Yep!  But you’ll have to come back and read future posts.

(Or you can buy my books and read for yourself!  Thanks!)