I watched Bernie Sanders with Chris Matthews tonight.


Bernie was challenged by Chris and tried to connect his ability to enact his agenda with the youth vote movement.  I understood his message, but he, Bernie, isn’t delivering that message effectively. Chris Matthews asked him how Mitch McConnell would allow a vote on Bernie’s agenda.  Bernie replied by saying that congress will see the revolution and will react accordingly.  Chris challenged him, asking Bernie where is the revolution when voter turnout in the primaries so far are below those from 2008.  Bernie stumbled.  I was disappointed.

So I’m going to lay out what, in my mind, should be Bernie’s message.  Maybe his staff will actually read this and help Bernie change his delivery.  So, here goes…

The revolution must impact more than just the presidency.  It MUST impact congress.

Unless I’m mistaken, every House of Representative seat is up for election.  EVERY SEAT!  That’s 435 representatives.  And in 2016, 34 Senate seats, one-third of the seats in the Senate are up for election.  Now, the only way Bernie Sanders will be elected President is if massive numbers of young adults vote.  If Bernie can get out that voting demographic, those voters will be voting for candidates with a progressive agenda.  Okay, so here’s where I connect the dots.  If Bernie is elected President, he’ll have a democratic congress, or at least a more progressive congress than the current congress.

So Bernie, you need to say this: “Young people, get out and vote.  Get.  Out.  And.  Vote.  And when you vote, make sure you vote for progressive House candidates and Senate candidates (where applicable).  If we vote in more progressive legislators, along with me, Bernie Sanders, we will bring about the revolution to reform the government, fix income inequality, etc…”  Draw the connection between the presidential election and the congressional election.  Tell the youth of America to vote for you, but also to vote for progressive House and Senate candidates.  You, Bernie, cannot get elected without the youth vote and you cannot get elected unless those same voters elect a progressive congress.  Get the youth voters to demand change not only for president, but for all levels and branches of government.

That’s what I think.