I received another rejection letter today.  But this one was different.  It actually contained feedback!


It’s true.  And I was stunned… pleasantly surprised, but stunned.

In my recent daily posts, I’ve been complaining about not receiving feedback in rejections, which is no fault of the agents, it’s just a result of reality.  So when I received the rejection today, I was thrilled; not about the rejection, but there were two entire sentences of feedback.  And it was constructive feedback.  The comment from the agent was directed at a weakness in the query letter and suggested a way to strengthen the pitch.  I was able to take the feedback and adjust my query letter accordingly.  I think the pitch is now better and hopefully it will actually hook an agent.

I want to thank Talcott Notch Literary Services.  I’m sorry they passed on my manuscript, but those two sentences are extremely valuable to me, as a debut author trying to find representation.  My story won’t change because of the feedback, but if I can tweak my query letter based on the suggestions of a literary agent, I will, hopefully, be better describing my project to other agents, making it more appealing.