Okay… I know, I know… I’m bad.


I know I have not been writing daily.  I try, but it’s not always possible due to things outside of my control (e.g. travel).  Okay, yes, there’s also the whole self-motivation thing that sometimes results in a day of no posts.

I realize that once I get started, it’s easy to write.  And writing is the purpose of the exercise.  The more often an author writes, the better he or she gets.  “So,” you ask, “why don’t you just sit down and write something?”  Well, I tell you, it’s not that easy to find topics every day.

Yes, I could write about politics every day, but that gets old fast.  And I’m not that into politics.  The current presidential race offends and infuriates me ten times more than it excites and encourages me.  I can try to bring about change by motivating young people to vote–they’re the only ones that can truly bring about a change, but beyond that I’m simply shouting into the wind.

I could write about random stuff that no one would be interested in, but then no one would want to read what I write.

I could write about writing, about being an author, but I’m not an official author yet.  I’m just a hack who thinks he has a good story.  And, to date, no one wants to read it.  So maybe I will write about writing when I’m actually a recognized writer.  Until then, I’m just complaining when I write about writing.

So…  What else should I write about?