I waited to post this until the day after.


I thought that I might be over-reacting.  I thought I might be too judgmental.  But after seeing the media response today, I know that I’m not.  Cam Newton behaved like a baby.  Regardless of his reason, there is no excuse for the NFL’s MVP–just crowned the day before–to behave like a child by walking out of a press conference.  You are a professional football player, Cam.  You’re the starting quarterback in the Super Bowl.  Regardless of the outcome, you stay and articulately answer the questions that the press asks you.  Period.

A young man I know doesn’t like Cam Newton.  He never has liked him.  He thinks that Cam is overrated and egotistical.  Even though I’ve never really supported nor followed Cam, I thought this young adult was being too judgmental.  Nope, he wasn’t.

Coincidentally, this young man doesn’t like Hillary.  He thinks she’s deceitful and completely not trustworthy.  …  I should pause here and describe his reactions to both Hillary and Cam.  He tenses and raises his voice in disgust when thinking about these two.  Actually, he reacts the same when he thinks of or sees anyone he doesn’t trust.  To him, Cam has only room in his head for Cam, and Hillary will say anything to advance Hillary.  I cannot argue with him.

As I ponder that young man’s reaction to people he doesn’t trust, I wonder how many other young adults already have their BS-meters fine-tuned to detect when a person is full of s%^t.  Most high school students and even some college students don’t have their detectors tuned or even powered on in some cases.  But given that a large number of young Americans also don’t like Hillary, I’m encouraged to see that there are more youth than not out there who can smell deceit when it’s pushed their way.

The data set on which I’m basing my conclusions is, admittedly, very limited.  But the data do support my hypothesis.  I will continue to search for additional corroborating evidence, but for now I’m (tentatively) pleased in the future prospects for the country.  Our youth is primed to lead it’s elders in the correct direction.  (I hope.)