Sue and the GOO are improved!


Before starting to write the third book in the Sue series, I have edited and re-released Sue’s Fingerprint. I’ve fixed typos, corrected punctuation, and added a few bits here and there to improve the story.  It’s now a better book.

I would love to receive reviews of the re-released book.

To entice you to read and review the book, I’m giving away FREE copies of Sue’s Fingerprint.  The only thing I ask is that you add your rating and review to either or (or both).

Please go to the CONTACT ME tab above and send me an email requesting your free copy.  I can electronically send you a PDF or AZW3 (Kindle) file, or I can send you a paperback copy if you give me your snail mail address.

Thank you for helping me spread the word of (the improved) Sue and the GOO!