This is a series of blogs to introduce myself and my books.  I realize it’s a little unconventional for an author to interview him/herself, but hey… I’m a little unconventional!


Welcome back readers!  This is the third part of the interview with Andrew D. Carlson, author of two Earth-based, sci-fi novels in the Sue series; Sue’s Fingerprint and Sue’s Vision.  Today we’ll learn about Sue’s Vision and hopefully get a glimpse into the future of Sue!


Host:  Welcome back!

Carlson: Thank you again.  I’m happy to be back talking about my books.

Host: Yes, your books.  Last time we talked, you told us about Sue’s Fingerprint.  Can you tell us about your latest book, Sue’s Vision?  What’s going on with Sue?

Andrew:  When Sue’s Fingerprint ended, the clones were re-located to their new homes.  Sue’s Vision picks up a few months after, with everyone settling in nicely to their new found-freedom.  And then, Sue receives another message.  She realizes that, when she and the young clones, the kids, are close to each other, they can read and write a strange alien language, a language that came from the “goo”.

Host:  You mean the goo that they were all cloned from, the goo that arrived on Earth, correct?

Andrew:  That’s the goo.

Host: So the goo did more than just clone the people?

Andrew:  Yes.  Messages were embedded within the DNA of the goo; the message of the alien’s fate back on their planet–from the first book, as well as their alien language.  And there might be additional messages that might be revealed later on. *wink wink*

Host:  So Sue has a new language.  What does she do with it?

Andrew:  At first, Sue doesn’t know what to do with it, but she knows there’s a reason why she can read and write the alien language.  So she starts trying to figure it out.

Host:  And?

Andrew: The clones and the staff members from the base who relocated with them–at the end of Sue’s Fingerprint–all reunite in Kansas.  Twenty people get together to share their experiences in their new lives.  And a few surprises are revealed about those new lives too!  *hint*  In Kansas, the clones realize they can all read and write the alien language.  They all realize it’s another message.  They deduce the meaning of the message and what they have to do.

Host: All the clones work together to deliver the message?  And the others help?

Andrew:  Yes, they all contribute to their plan to deliver the message.  Even Ted, who still works for DHS, gets in on the plan.

Host: So what is the plan?

Andrew:  The clones use their new language to raise awareness for cleaning up the environment: You live on this planet, clean up your room!  I won’t go into more detail because I’d like you all to read the book.  But I will say the clones get even more help to deliver their message.

Host: Anything else you want to say about the book?

Andrew: Sue’s Vision is a light-hearted story. As in Sue’s Fingerprint, readers get to see the clones and their new families learn and grow.  Like high school and college students, the clones get jobs, learn more about culture and society, and even learn how to drive!  I hope readers take pleasure from seeing the clones learn these simple kinds of things.  I tried to make Sue’s Vision even more humorous and cheerful than Sue’s Fingerprint.

Host: Sounds interesting and entertaining.  I hope readers check out the message in Sue’s Vision.  Will this be the last of the Sue books?

Andrew:  No, this is not the last Sue book.  I definitely have ideas for the third swirling around in my head.  But there’s no word on when it will be finished, or even drafted.  I have to complete my latest manuscript first.

Host: Latest manuscript?  Please, tell us more about it.

Andrew:  It’s tentatively titled Senior Experiment and is a contemporary YA novel of revenge and romance.  It’s the story of Anthony Castellano, who seeks vengeance against his nemesis, Gregory Gray, who stole his A-plus idea for the Senior Experiment project in AP Chemistry class.  And at the same time, Anthony starts a new relationship with Amber Green, a girl he’s had his eye on since the beginning of the year.

Host: Sounds intriguing.  Can we hear more about it in the next interview?

Andrew:  Sure, I’d be happy to tell you about it next time.

Host:  Great!  Until then, keep writing.

Andrew:  Will do.  Thank you.